15 January 2017  Sunday

“Fifty errors” reported Professor Shen in the morning email. I blanched, and while working on emails, awaited his arrival for our late morning meeting with some trepidation. But it turned out that most of the problems involved Chinese characters. How can anyone learn Chinese characters?

It was a workday all day, but with a delicious Chinese lunch, much needed to fortify one against the diddling editing demands. At the end of the afternoon, the fixes were fixed, except…. Except. Always one little “except,” this time a mid-level dot between two Chinese characters, whose location (oh dear) I have lost. Appalling, what keeps one awake all night.

This was not the wonderful thing that was supposed to happen today, the wonderful surprise that I anticipated when I awoke.  On the other hand, a good day’s work saw the completion of Part Two of ”China 1908.”  Except for the damn dot.