China 1908


& Brother Clarence Discover China

After four weeks in Ma 1908 in Japan, the Gambles continued their Orient Tour and disembarked in Shanghai, China. They hired a boat, the “Sunshine”, and take the two-day and one-night trip on the Grand Canal to Hangzhou (Hang Chou).  In Hangzhou, heir host was long-time Chinese resident RobertF.Fitch, who was instrumental in building HongCHow Christian College,now part of Jinjiang University,   In Hangzhou, they visited Lingyin Temple and the missionary schools in Hangzhou, then returned to Shanghai, where again they shopped, went sightseeing, and visit many schools, orphanage, and the YMCA.  China–so different from Japan! The photos taken by Clarence and older brother Sidney enliven Clarence’s Journal, and give us an intimate  glimpse of China in 1908.

FORTHCOMING English & Chinese editions.  Late 2017

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