Margaret Sanger Her Life


Her Life in Her Words

Invaluable collection of [Sanger’s] seminal, intelligent, and compassionate writings…accompanied by Reed’s vibrant and illuminating commentary.
—Booklist, American Library Association

Deftly showcases Sanger’s grit and determination…a welcome addition to feminist literature.      —Publisher’s Weekly

An overall picture of the long active life of the woman who coined the term the birth control…. Recommended as a complement to the definitive four-volume Selected Papers from New York University.
—Library Journal

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Children Sleeping in the StreetOnce Margaret Sanger understood how destructive to the lives of mothers and children were unremitting pregnancies, she never deviated from her lifework to secure for women their right to choice. Sanger never condoned abortion but always insisted on the necessity for wise planning. Here is the true story of the life of Margaret Sanger.

Margaret Sanger was a bright young woman for whom marriage and family seemed the natural conclusion. But then she encountered the horrors of children uncared for, children from overly large families whose parents could not provide for them, children whose mothers faced yearly pregnancies, children sleeping in the streets of the Lower East Side. Seeing these helpless mothers, Margaret Sanger saw that there was work to be done. Contraception was illegal; most women had little knowledge of the most basic facts of sex. Ignorance and male prerogatives enslaved women. Margaret Sanger devoted her life to changing all that.

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Margaret Sanger, along with Clarence James Gamble and Dr. Robert Latou Dickinson, led the fight to make contraception legal. She conducted research herself and supported new lines of research for a dependable contraceptive. Through her contact with good friend Katherine McCormick, Sanger made possible development of The Pill. Finally, she was the founder of International Planned Parenthood Federation, as she sought to make available to all women throughout the world their right to planning their family..