The Sentence as Structure & The Structure of Content

The Sentence as Structure

or, How to Become a Great Writer (almost) Instantly, or, The Lost Art of Sentence Structure & Elegant Prose

The Sentence as Structure is an excellent guide to what every student (and professor) needs to know about writing great sentences…. I have learned much about writing from The Sentence as Structure, and recommend it to everyone who wants to become a better writer.

—Donald Shoup, Distinguished Research Professor Department of Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles

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The Sentence as Structure is divided into two parts. 

  • In the first part, the reader reviews the rule of grammar that structure the sentence and the the rules for punctuation that derive from the structure.
  • In the second part, The Structure of Content, the reader  learns to connect sentences so that the prose flows seamlessly and content is clearly understood.

What Our Readers Say

How often we make writing harder by unneeded complexity.  Memorable prose is not an accident The writer of memorable prose understands the grammatical rules and the basic structure of English prose. The Sentence as  Structure presents these rules in clear, easy-to-understand stepsLearn how to write effective declarative sentences  quickly and easily with this dazzlingly clear book by Dr. Reed.

—Donald A.  Collins, President, Donald A.Collins & Associates