Susan B. Anthony Says A Word

Says A Word 

Forty-minute Solo Play

 The entire experience was an elevating one.  
—Christopher N. Breiseth, Past President
    Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA



From the Writings of  Susan B. Anthony

In 1877, Susan B. Anthony prophesied “an era of single women” for those women who would not allow themselves to be ruled by a husband. But as a young woman, Anthony was interested in pretty dresses, parties—and being courted. Here, in her own words, she turns from these concerns and joins Elizabeth Cady Stanton in a lifelong friendship and working partnership that questioned the conventions that had hobbled women for centuries. Together, Anthony and Cady Stanton embraced the Woman’s Rights Movement and demanded for all women their individual rights and their right to Suffrage, a woman’s right to vote.


What Our Audiences Say

Reed is enchantingly believable.
-Robert Windeler, KCRW, Los Angeles, CA 

I wish it could be shown on PBS.
-Professor Barbara Packer, English Department, UCLA